Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Roofing 101

In my years of experience, I have seen it all- and one of the big factors that can stop a purchase or sale is the condition of the roof.  A big budget expense, roofing is inspected, and often has an impact on the sale itself, or the price of the home for sale.  Roofing materials and labor can be costly- and if not done properly the unfortunate issues will undoubtedly arise!

The roof is in place to ensure your home is protected from the elements, but the space itself has to be able to breathe!  The air between your ceilings and your roof has to circulate- which is done so by ensuring proper ventilation and also proper placement of insulation.  If not completed and regularly checked, issues with sitting moisture can lead to mold.

It is also important to ensure your vent for the bathroom fans, and even dryer vents, are properly releasing- and not just into your attic space!  When properly done, these will release the heat and moisture out of your attic space. It may also be necessary to call in a mold remediation specialist, in order to have any mold removed if it exists. 

When purchasing a home that has existing issues it is always a good idea to have them thoroughly researched.  Even the best home inspectors will recommend that a roofing professional visits the home to look.  In some cases, it is even necessary to call upon a mold remediation specialist as well for inspection. 

As always, I am able to provide trusted resources and years of experience to each situation, and would provide a second set of eyes to the reality and urgency of the matter!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Camp Time!

Longer days and warmer weather is right around the corner!  Our kids will soon be finishing school for the year, and I will begin my search for the perfect summer activities to keep them busy!  Even with knowing the ins and outs of Northeast Ohio, I still do countless hours of research each Spring to gather all of the options.

Lucky for us, we have everything from Sailing Camps to Horseback Riding, Sport Camps to Girl Scouts- and absolutely everything in between!  Our area is rich with resources and organizations that provide numerous options.  The trick is being able to navigate through, decide the type of camp and the type of structure that you need.

Organizations like the American Camp Association and the National Camp Association allow results to be narrowed based on specific criteria- but even a simple search online produces a long list of results! Our area has the YMCA and city camps as well, where kids travel to local pools and attractions to fill their Summer days with fun. 

The internet also allows for us to have a glimpse inside before ever even making the phone calls- Reviews, itineraries, photos and past trips are often displayed to showcase the experiences and events that each camp is known for.  Planning a move, or new to the area? I would love to share my knowledge of all things Northeast Ohio!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Appraisal Bomb

Buying or Selling a home can be an emotional and arduous process!  In addition, recent market changes have created a new and reappearing trend regarding appraisal issues.

One report by the NAR gathered data and estimates that roughly 35% of REALTORS have experienced an appraisal that negatively impacted the transaction of buying or selling a home.

Who should pay for the discrepancy between the transacted price, and the appraisal?  We have shifted in our Market, our properties are selling to quickly, many within less than a weeks time on the market!  With that, comparables are hard to find from months ago- homes from 1 to 6 months back are not supporting our new, increased sales prices- and the gap between list price and sales price is nearly gone.

In our Sellers Market today it all depends on the situation.  Unfortunately, many Sellers have to realize what they want for the house and what they need for the house sale, are not always what the house will appraise for.  If the house doesn't appraise the bank cannot give a loan to a Buyer on the amount that is higher than an appraisal.  

If the house is still to sell, who should make up the shortage? Sellers ? Buyers?  The answer today is negotiable.  Out of my last 12 sales, 11 of the appraisals came in short.  Having the conversation upfront and realizing this may be a hurdle to overcome in the transaction tends to help with the negotiations and expectations later!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We all LOVE a Good Open House!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of one of the largest nationally recognized REALTOR events!  This weekend, April 20th and 21st, is the National Open House Weekend presented by the National Association of REALTORS.

Open houses are a huge resource for both Buyers and Sellers, as well as for Agents to interact with clients and potential clients, all while showcasing great homes in our area.  

Open houses are a great opportunity for Buyers to be able to look around, learn about the local area and see the most important details that impact their decision.  REALTORS are available to answer questions on school systems, neighborhood attractions and even the history of the homes!   The NAR says 45% percent of ALL buyers utilize open houses in their search for the perfect place to call home.

For Sellers, the National Open House Weekend is a great tool to generate buzz and attention to their home, creating the perfect atmosphere for finding the right buyer.  Now is the perfect time with Summer right around the corner, school years coming to an end, and nice weather on our doorstep!

This weekend is even a great tool for interested parties, who may plan to buy or sell in the near future- the resources that are provided in the form of information, Q&A sessions and general process details- are a great way to support the decision to buy or sell down the road as well.

Keep an eye out for those RED Keller Williams Wendy Kunash signs all over Northeast Ohio!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curb Appeal

Spring is the perfect time of year to consider sprucing up your curb appeal, whether for an upcoming sale or for your own enjoyment!  Simple and affordable solutions can be a great way to make appealing changes, and are often overlooked when considering listing a home for sale.  Landscaping and appearance are huge factors for buyers, and great tools for sellers!
Paint the front door- Often the first impression made and a fresh coat of paint can have a great impact!

Landscaping and flowers- Whether you hire a pro or DIY, landscaping can change the entire look of your home.  Opt for perennial flowers so that they can be enjoyed for years to come!

Clean, clean, clean! A good pressure washing can remove the winter build up, and instantly improve appearance.  Also, keep in mind gutters and any moss collecting on roofs, as it is not only esthetically important but also crucial for proper function!

Upgrade- easy, instant and affordable upgrades to mailboxes and hardware- such as light fixtures and house numbers- will not go un-noticed by neighbors and potential buyers.

Lighting is important and desired for pathways and even lining your driveway.  Solar lights are a great way to keep costs down, and have a low initial fee, simple install and no maintenance!

I absolutely love what I do, and part of that is understanding what impacts buyers and sellers in the best possible ways!  Any questions?  Just ask! I would be happy to lend my knowledge and expertise!