Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reduce Allergens in your Home

Whether you have recently moved, or are just getting ready for allergy season- these helpful tips may be able to identify some common, and often overlooked, sources of allergy irritants!  

Clean and disinfect common areas, such as your kitchen and bath.  Also be sure to secure and discard food waste, as bugs can be a common allergy and asthma trigger.  In addition, try to minimize the upholstery and cloth on your furniture if you have very strong allergies, as these tend to make the symptoms worse!  Weekly washing of bed linens and monthly curtain and blind cleanings will help reduce symptoms, and try to keep pets clean and out of your bedroom during allergy season.  

Ensure proper function of fans, such as your bathroom ventilation and your range hood.  These will assist in cleaning and removing particles from the air.  It also may be necessary to schedule a professional cleaning of duct work- it is often beneficial after a long winter, especially if you have pets!  My local knowledge and experience can provide reputable, quality companies to perform these services if a recommendation is needed.   Be sure to keep bath and area rugs clean, and carpet is less likely to harbor allergens if it is a shorter style.  If you’ve recently purchased a home with a wood burning fireplace, minimizing use may also positively impact allergy symptoms.

Each home, in each area can be different!  It is possible that something that never was a bother before, may surface once you have moved.  Keep calm and think it through, some of the obvious solutions are right in front of our noses!

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