Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Roofing 101

In my years of experience, I have seen it all- and one of the big factors that can stop a purchase or sale is the condition of the roof.  A big budget expense, roofing is inspected, and often has an impact on the sale itself, or the price of the home for sale.  Roofing materials and labor can be costly- and if not done properly the unfortunate issues will undoubtedly arise!

The roof is in place to ensure your home is protected from the elements, but the space itself has to be able to breathe!  The air between your ceilings and your roof has to circulate- which is done so by ensuring proper ventilation and also proper placement of insulation.  If not completed and regularly checked, issues with sitting moisture can lead to mold.

It is also important to ensure your vent for the bathroom fans, and even dryer vents, are properly releasing- and not just into your attic space!  When properly done, these will release the heat and moisture out of your attic space. It may also be necessary to call in a mold remediation specialist, in order to have any mold removed if it exists. 

When purchasing a home that has existing issues it is always a good idea to have them thoroughly researched.  Even the best home inspectors will recommend that a roofing professional visits the home to look.  In some cases, it is even necessary to call upon a mold remediation specialist as well for inspection. 

As always, I am able to provide trusted resources and years of experience to each situation, and would provide a second set of eyes to the reality and urgency of the matter!

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