Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curb Appeal

Spring is the perfect time of year to consider sprucing up your curb appeal, whether for an upcoming sale or for your own enjoyment!  Simple and affordable solutions can be a great way to make appealing changes, and are often overlooked when considering listing a home for sale.  Landscaping and appearance are huge factors for buyers, and great tools for sellers!
Paint the front door- Often the first impression made and a fresh coat of paint can have a great impact!

Landscaping and flowers- Whether you hire a pro or DIY, landscaping can change the entire look of your home.  Opt for perennial flowers so that they can be enjoyed for years to come!

Clean, clean, clean! A good pressure washing can remove the winter build up, and instantly improve appearance.  Also, keep in mind gutters and any moss collecting on roofs, as it is not only esthetically important but also crucial for proper function!

Upgrade- easy, instant and affordable upgrades to mailboxes and hardware- such as light fixtures and house numbers- will not go un-noticed by neighbors and potential buyers.

Lighting is important and desired for pathways and even lining your driveway.  Solar lights are a great way to keep costs down, and have a low initial fee, simple install and no maintenance!

I absolutely love what I do, and part of that is understanding what impacts buyers and sellers in the best possible ways!  Any questions?  Just ask! I would be happy to lend my knowledge and expertise!

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