Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Lights, Northeast Ohio

It’s that time of year- bundle up and don your favorite local team colors, grab some gloves, and head over to the stadium to watch live action football unfold right under your nose! Our area is full of team spirit and the excitement of the lights, games and fans is something that is not easily outdone. 

Personally, I enjoy seeing the community spirit- as well as watching friends and family enjoy a tradition that has passed through the decades.  Those that can remember, understand and predict all of the statistics and player information get an entirely other level of enjoyment of the games as well!   I am always mesmerized by fans that can recite facts and figures from last week, last month and even last year(s)!  I prefer to visit local sites like or Fox 8 if I need to find information or schedules-  I can’t possibly keep track of all of my houses and be a HS Football score buff, I simply don’t have the memory storage!

Keep in mind as well, if you are new to a community, local sporting events can be the perfect way to meet neighbors and new friends- If you have school-aged children it is a great way to spend time together as a family, and also begin to build relationships in your new community.  If you are unable to attend the games, there are typically events and fundraisers that can be of huge importance to the teams as well, and another great way to contribute and give back to your community.

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