Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clean Up Before You Heat Up: Air Ducts

Northeast Ohio weather is anything but predictable- We may see 90’s before the Fall is over, and we may need to fire up the furnace tomorrow in order to avoid seeing our own breathe in the kitchen!  It is a good idea to be ready for the cold, and part of that entails maintaining and servicing your heating system- and also the ductwork that the heat and air travels through.

Throughout your home, the ductwork ensures air movement is even- and dispersed when called upon.  Easily forgotten, the only trace of existence often being the small vents found on the walls or floor.  Depending on the type of environment that is typical for your home, various reasons arise to ensure that your ductwork is clean and functioning properly.  The alternatives can get pretty nasty, so it is something that is best handled on an annual or bi-yearly basis. 

Some common issues, although in no particular order, that can arise causing need for cleaning the ductwork in your home can range from mold to mice, and everything in between.  Whether your home has a humidity problem or not- it is common that mold and bacteria harbor and grow inside your ductwork.  If you have mice or other small animals that can gain access (they can be pretty crafty) they will sometimes become stuck and permanently relocated (rotting) inside your ducts.  In addition, general dust and dander, bugs and irritants can be residing within your ductwork- only to be circulated throughout your home each time you turn on your heating or air conditioning unit.

Typically performed by a professional, duct cleaning can range from around $100-$500 depending on the size and complexity of your home- keep your eyes open for deals on sites like Groupon!  The pros come equipped with all of the tools, and a truck that does all of the work/cleaning.  Keep in mind this can be a little messy- although much of the debris and dirt is sucked out, some can find its way blown into and around your home- it is also a very loud process, so it may be necessary to temporarily relocate children or pets.  After cleaning, the ductwork is sanitized, usually with a safe and environmentally friendly product- no need to leave during or after its application.   The entire process takes only a few hours, depending on the size of the project- but the results are worth it! 

Whether you have recently purchased and moved into your home, or you’ve been there awhile- this is a great way to kick of the closed-window season.  Contact me and I can provide you with trusted service providers in Northeast Ohio!

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