Friday, August 16, 2013

This Summer Certainly Resembles Fall-like Weather!

There’s no denying it- Fall is in the air in Northeast Ohio, even if the season is still a few weeks away!  With this in mind, now is a great time to start your seasonal prep as the days will soon start to shorten and the Fall task list will be in all of our minds.


Before the leaves start to fall take care to clean your gutters and check out your roof- with all of the rainfall we have had this summer it is a good idea to visually inspect for any issues!  Clean out debris from your gutters, and check to make sure no branches have caused damage to your home.  Handling these items now can save a great deal of headache as the weather changes and our roofs are put to the test for yet another winter!  Keep up on cleaning your gutters out as leaves start to trickle down, as they will function properly without obstacles in the way. 

For your yard and landscaping, planning ahead can help avoid dealing with your task list when it is buried under leaves!  If you are moving any of your landscaping arrangements, check for trusted gardening resources to pick the best time of year for relocation.  You can also find great information on pruning and caring for various plants as well, to ensure great growth the following Spring. 

Organize your garage and storage sheds so that when it is time to pack away plant pots and yard décor you have plenty of space and can grab any necessary storage items like containers or tarps.  Give your patio furniture a good cleaning, even washing cushions and setting them out to dry while the weather is still nice!  This way next years set up will be nice and easy, and you won’t have to take care of these things in a few months when the temperatures start to drop.


A great place to start inside is tending to your heating and cooling system.  Typically serviced a couple times a year, schedule to have a professional come out and clean, tune-up and replace any necessary elements for your HVAC systems and even your hot water heaters.  A normal hot water heater will last for years as long as it is properly cared for, which includes flushing out the entire system at least once a year.  This allows for any debris that settled in the bottom to be cleaned out, and your heater will operate more efficiently.  For your HVAC, cleaning your air ducts will ensure clean air is circulating through your home when it comes time to keep the windows shut!  This cuts down on dust and other allergens, and also will likely lengthen the lifespan of your heating and cooling units.

Planning and organizing for stowing away Summer items, and retrieving Fall items, will help the transition between the seasons.  Take inventory and donate any items no longer needed, and drop off coats and Fall attire for dry cleaning if necessary.  Many local businesses offer specials at the end / beginning of the season!  Retailers also typically have great deals on storage bins and other related items, as many are planning and shopping for the start of the college school year.

The Summer here in Northeast Ohio has been a strange one, the temperatures are much more like our normal Fall season, and the sun just doesn’t seem to want to stay around for long!  Beat the end of summer blues by staying busy, and set yourself up for a stress-free Fall!

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