Friday, June 28, 2013

It’s in the Mail: Ohio Real Estate Tax Bills


All across Northeast Ohio homeowners are beginning to see their property tax bills arrive in the mail.  Here is a breakdown of where the tax income goes, here is some great information presented by

(From Cleveland.comHere is how an average city tax bill of $2,213 per $100,000 of home value in the seven-county Cleveland-Akron area is divided. Note: many cites are not part of JVS districts, or are in counties without a community college, reducing the overall averages shown above for those purposes.”)

As you see, the majority of the income is going to the local school districts- which will not only have a positive impact on education, but also on home values in the area.  We may all see taxes adversely from time to time, but it is a necessary “evil” and in the end leads to better neighborhoods and cities, and ultimately better real estate markets!

Here are the tax bill due dates by County:

       Cuyahoga County, July 10
       Geauga County, July 10
       Lake County, July 17
       Lorain County, July 12
       Medina County, July 12
       Portage County, July 15
                            Summit County, July 26.

In some scenarios, taxes are paid directly through your mortgage company, rather than to the county.  If you are unsure contact your mortgage lender! As always, if you have questions relating to Northeast Ohio real estate, give me a call!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why Now is the Time to BUY!

We’ve heard it all, buy now, buy low, buy high- After last weeks’ event for the Carnival of Choices seeing all of the resources available and the recently released home sales statistics- I can tell you NOW is the time to buy, here’s why!

Prices are trending up and time spent on the market is trending down, it’s only a matter of time until the interest rates rise!  If you plan to purchase a home or condo in the near future, now may be a good time to begin to get your finances  and plans in order and schedule the meetings to get the ball rolling in order to take advantage of great interest rates and lower home prices.  Waiting to long may result in higher interest rates than we’ve seen recently and also higher priced homes.  Factors such as location, size, age and school districts can all factor in and ultimately have an increase on higher home prices.

Northeast Ohio and the entire state of Ohio are seeing RECORD numbers for home sales, ultimately resulting in more choices for buyers!  In the last 23 month period, home sales and dollar values were consistently on the rise.  The President of the Ohio Association of REALTORS was quoted as saying “Attaining 23 consecutive months of gains in sales activity is the longest stretch in uninterrupted growth in 16 years of tracking Ohio home sales, and is a clear indicator of growing consumer confidence and a renewed appreciation that housing is a solid, long-term investment. “  The more that’s selling mean the more willing potential sellers will be to make the move and put their home on the market!

If you are a potential seller the decision to sell now could avoid an influx of homes hitting the market as the trends continue to climb.  The most important thing to do is research!  See what homes are selling for in your area, and consult a trusted agent to give you information on buyer pools and predicted changes!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Northeast Ohio June Highlights

If you’re anything like me I am sure that the words “I’m Bored” are ringing through your home already- YES already!  Even though school has been out for single-digit days, it is an instant result of the structure-less summer.  Whether you need something to entertain the kiddos, or to get yourself out of the house for sanity, I am constantly looking for the best to see and do in Cleveland and surrounding Northeast Ohio cities.  

Freshwater Cleveland
A great site consistently updating events and current local information.  Currently,  Freshwater is highlighting several Summer events- 

The Solstice  at Cleveland Museum of Art,  an international music festival this Saturday, the 22nd!  I recommended that anyone and everyone make the trip to the CMA and this is a great reason!

Chamber Fest- A 10-day festival spanning from June 20th-30th, featuring musicians that are currently staying with local families- and actively participating in our local communities while they’re here!  Visit the Chamber Fest site for all of the event details and locations.

Garden Walk Cleveland- June 22nd and 23rd takes us on a self-guided tour through several local neighborhoods, all displaying outstanding gardens (OVER 200!) Take it all in or take away inspiration for your own garden.  This is a great way for new homeowners in our area to see what plants will flourish in the Northeast Ohio gardens!

Positively Cleveland

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroads- From today until September 1st, the CVSR Summer schedule is in full swing with tours starting and ending at various depots-  Great for visiting guests, or take the kids along for an old fashioned train ride through the forest! 

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Photo Safari-  Generally reserved for adult amateur-photographers, but whose to say the kids can’t snap a great photo!  From April to November 1st the Zoo hosts a photo contest-  For your next visit let the kiddos have some fun and photograph the animals!

 The lists are literally endless, 4th of July is right around the corner followed by a packed Summer events calendar!  Visit my website for even information on our area’s historic and cultural cities!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Cleveland Museum of Art- 30 Minute Drive to Amazing!

This past weekend I went not once, but twice- To the Cleveland Museum of Art, as I just couldn’t get it all done in a day!  If you have not been to the Art Museum recently, it is a must see trip to make.  Just a short drive from surrounding Cleveland areas, the art museum has plenty to see and do for adults and kids- and it is all FREE!  Events and exhibitions are on the Museum’s website- and I am definitely looking forward to the Solstice music festival on June 22nd!  Featuring music from across the globe, it is truly a great event in our area.

In addition to the special events, the Museum also has Family Day on the second Sunday of each month- Craft projects, complimentary programs and more.  The first Friday of each month hosts themed Happy Hours- a great end to the work week!  This June two new exhibits open as well, the Art of the Americas and Art of North American Indians.

Cleveland is on the come back and this is the perfect showcase example as to why- recently renovated and booming with activity- Our Cleveland Museum of Art needs to be on your Summer to-do list!  Upgrades to design and technology are showcased throughout- My personal favorite tech upgrade were the touchscreens throughout that offered downloads of information to iPads!

Use this gloomy weather as a motivator if you must, and visit soon and visit often- we are lucky to have such an awesome feature in our backyard!  Check out the Cleveland Museum of Art website here!  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carnival of Choices June 21st in Lake County!

Summer Fun and Real Estate talk all rolled into one with The Coalition for Housing and Support Services of Lake County hosting an event, Carnival of Choices- on June 21st at Veterans Park in Painesville.  I will be there to answer questions and offer insight, in addition to other local businesses and service providers.  The Coalition has been working since 2004 to be able to provide funding for and information on housing related programs in Lake County.  The Carnival of Choices is a fun, casual environment great for families and individuals looking for area housing information.

The event aims to educate and collaborate for the best in housing opportunities for our area- providing information on safe and affordable housing as well as loans, credit counseling information and additional related topics to best promote what our area has to offer in the form of housing and housing programs.  The list of considerations is endless when making the decision to buy a home, and this event will definitely assist in eliminating unknowns and shedding light on a complex topic!

As part of my business, each new client that I meet with is provided a full summary of the buying and selling processes, as well as additional information to best select an area in which to live.  This event elaborates and provides a forum for all questions to be asked and answered, in order to relay all of the information that we have to offer!  Buying a home can be an overwhelming, and often intimidating process.  It is my goal, and the goal of the Carnival of Choices event participants, to be able to provide prospective buyers the information and tools necessary to be able to achieve the goal of purchasing a home.

On June 21st from 11-3pm individuals and families can attend the event- in addition to the housing related information, there will be complimentary games, prizes and refreshments.   This is a great opportunity in a nice, relaxed environment to talk all things Lake County Real Estate!    Stop up and see me!