Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Cleveland Museum of Art- 30 Minute Drive to Amazing!

This past weekend I went not once, but twice- To the Cleveland Museum of Art, as I just couldn’t get it all done in a day!  If you have not been to the Art Museum recently, it is a must see trip to make.  Just a short drive from surrounding Cleveland areas, the art museum has plenty to see and do for adults and kids- and it is all FREE!  Events and exhibitions are on the Museum’s website- and I am definitely looking forward to the Solstice music festival on June 22nd!  Featuring music from across the globe, it is truly a great event in our area.

In addition to the special events, the Museum also has Family Day on the second Sunday of each month- Craft projects, complimentary programs and more.  The first Friday of each month hosts themed Happy Hours- a great end to the work week!  This June two new exhibits open as well, the Art of the Americas and Art of North American Indians.

Cleveland is on the come back and this is the perfect showcase example as to why- recently renovated and booming with activity- Our Cleveland Museum of Art needs to be on your Summer to-do list!  Upgrades to design and technology are showcased throughout- My personal favorite tech upgrade were the touchscreens throughout that offered downloads of information to iPads!

Use this gloomy weather as a motivator if you must, and visit soon and visit often- we are lucky to have such an awesome feature in our backyard!  Check out the Cleveland Museum of Art website here!  

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