Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Cleveland Comeback!

Recently, Forbes named Cleveland one of 15 U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtown areas.  Clevelanders are used to being a part of lists, for better or worse, and it seems that patience has finally paid off.   U.S. Census data shows nearly doubled population growth, in turn leading to an increase in housing and community investment.  Our downtown area is no stranger to adversity, however it truly seems things are beginning to turn the proverbial corner.

In recent years, additions such as the Aquarium, the Horsehoe Casino and the planned Global Center for Health Innovation join the ranks of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Q and more!  Hotel and housing revitalization projects are leading to residential and visitor growth in record numbers.  Our diverse area, rich with unique destinations is definitely something to write home about- or to make it home altogether.  Wineries, winter attractions, beaches and recreational activities give us much to enjoy, and only for a short drive.  Culturally rich neighborhoods are overflowing with great food and entertainment, each visit different from the last.

As an advocate of the local areas, and a true Clevelander at heart- it is inspiring and enforces exactly what I do every single day- which is sell the Cleveland version of the American Dream.  Undoubtedly each town across the country has its draw, but Cleveland and all it has to offer is undeniably unique.  Keeping up with all things Northeast Ohio isn’t easy, but it’s worth it- If you are considering a new neighborhood, or relocating to Cleveland- let’s get together and start planning! I would love to share everything I know about this hot growing area we call home!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turn up the Heat!

Electric Baseboard Heat Versus Gas Furnace
In Real Estate, one of the major factors taken into consideration is that of the heating and cooling systems.  Depending on who you speak with, the opinions can vary greatly, making this for a tough subject to tackle.  Often comfort levels, allergies, dust collection in duct work, and cost play important roles in preference for conversion, purchase and new construction.  Below we have outlined some import factors for consideration when choosing a heating system in new construction, or making the decision to convert your current system.  Both Electric and Gas have their pros and cons, and in-depth research should be done based on personal needs and preferences before making a decision. 

Electric heat can be targeted to heat specific rooms in the house, but is typically more expensive on a monthly basis.  Certain tools, such as a heat pump, can be used in most climates to cut back on the electricity consumption.  Electric heat can be dispersed by a forced air furnace through duct work, or by individual room- using baseboard heating. 

Natural gas heat systems are generally less expensive- and proponents will say much more environmentally friendly.  The usage and waste with natural gas is said to be less than that of electric, therefor being more environmentally friendly.  Gas systems do have the potential of releasing dangerous by-products, such as Carbon Monoxide, and maintenance is necessary for optimal and safe operation- thus increasing the lifetime costs of gas systems. 

Making the choice between electric heat and natural gas may also be decided by certain factors beyond your control.  For example, if you purchase or build a home that does not have access to a gas line, then another heating option must be chosen.  Often then, electric heat is chosen over fuel heat because fuel is more expensive, must be stored onsite and doesn’t burn as clean. 

Other proactive measures can be taken, regardless of the heating method in place- to ensure it is functioning as best as possible.  The choice you make will ultimately affect what type of stove and clothes dryer you will have available as well.  Choosing energy efficient appliances and monitoring usage can have a great positive impact on the costs and efficiency of either system. 

Control is another factor worth mentioning- As gas can be easily modified for comfort levels, electric heat is a little more complex as it is stored and control is limited.  Gas systems will also generally heat home and water supplies quicker than an electric system would. 

Making the right decision for your household can come with many questions, and often requires extensive research for your area and for the general operations.  It is important to know all of the factors before choosing, and working with a trusted service provider is key!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Just kidding, at least in Northeast Ohio it is still pretty winter-esque-  but that is quite alright!  Although Spring may officially begin today, we can use this not-so-great weather to our advantage by Spring Cleaning!  Use the time now, where you are most likely indoors anyway, so when that sun is shining it can be enjoyed.

Typically with the seasons we tend to swap décor, clothing, rugs, linens- Take the time now to inventory what you have, purge and donate the items that you no longer need- and then pack everything winter in an organized fashion.    Make room to store coats, hats and boots and free up the valuable closet space, or at least plan it for when the weather breaks.  I am always sure to take my winter coats to the cleaners as well, they store nicely and are ready for next year!

Once you have your clean slate for the season, begin by moving through and doing a thorough, top to bottom clean.  If cleaning isn’t your forte, stop reading and call in the professionals at Maid it Shine Clean!

After washing the windows, walls, cabinets and countertops- stop and take a look around- Have you been thinking of rearranging the wall décor?  Does your closet need a good re-organization?  These are all great projects to complete now, you will thank yourself later!  The smallest changes can make a room feel fresh and vibrant- a great tip that I love is recovering your throw pillows- temporarily with seasonal fabrics that can be fashioned on without any sewing-  It updates a room instantly, and it is an easy task!

Spring fever is definitely contagious, and I think all of us in Northeast Ohio have the bug!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Skinny on Foreclosure Sites

Many of us have come across the websites claiming to list foreclosures- Right after you enter your credit card number!  A trusted REALTOR will be able to provide you with an all-encompassing list of homes for sale in the area you are looking for-

-All listed homes for sale
-Builders and new construction
-For sale by owner
-Short sales

Part of my job is to stay on top of the market- and often times a foreclosure can be a great deal for a buyer!  We have access to each and every listing, and it will never require a costly visit to a website feature page.  As a REALTOR, I have access to several sets of facts, even though traditionally a foreclosure comes with little up front information.  With a bit of creative digging, and years of professional expertise, I am able to typically shed some insight on a property that seems to have been all but forgotten.  When you are ready to begin your search for a home, it is always a good idea to keep an open mind and allow me to present you all of the options.  By doing so, I am learning more about your desires and in-turn you are able to see exactly what is out there. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Inspection 101


As a REALTOR, I have seen it all- from the dreams come true to the lurking nightmares.  Part of my responsibility is to ensure that my buyers and sellers have the facts, and the best way to educate is to inspect.  Just recently, I had a buyer view a home with slight water damage- Turns out during the inspection we uncovered several levels of un-treated termites! It is situations like this that truly display how important it is to have a home inspected.

If you are looking to purchase a home, inspections are routinely completed as part of a buying contingency- and essentially your inspector takes a look at every nook and cranny to ensure that you know 100% what you are purchasing.  In many cases, the inspections go well and the buyer has a new ‘to-do’ list of routine projects throughout the house. 

Selling your home can also lead to a call for a pre-sale inspection-  As the seller, you would be fully informed as to what issues, if any, exist within your home.  If a problem appears it can be fixed!  Likewise, if nothing appears on the report then you can continue confidently with your listing and price. 

As a trusted REALTOR, my networks of local contacts provide the best in the business for all things real estate.  A home inspection gives you as the buyer some time to spend in the home, and more importantly a full report on your future house. 

Here are some key items that you will find in your inspection report:

-Foundation, Basement and Structures

-Exterior siding, Windows and Doors


-Electrical System

-Interior Plumbing Systems

-Central Heating and Cooling Systems

-Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Doors





-Landscaping and Lot

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